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       Hi, my name is Pam Phillips and I breed Australian cattle dogs for quality, temperament, and great family pets. I do not sell anything for breeding. I hope to be able in the near future to start showing my dogs and I am starting puppy obedience classes at my house and will do occasional in home training.

       Cattle dogs by far are one of the easiest breeds to train if done correctly. I started breeding cattle dogs because I was amazed at how loyal and protective they are. I had my first two when I went hiking in Pisgah National Forest in beautiful Brevard North Carolina. It was amazing they never ran off course, they were off lead and could do whatever they wanted but they never left my side until of course we came to the river or a creek and then you have never seen two dogs have more fun when they hit the water. There have been many times I hauled them home soaking wet. I totally love this breed and selectively breed for nice healthy puppies and AKC standards. A lot of work goes into a litter of puppies if done correctly with their worming at two weeks of age and every two weeks afterwards and puppy shots at 6, 8 and 12 weeks old if they hang around that long. But I love it, there is nothing cuter than a cattle dog puppy exploring it's new environment.

       I have been here almost three years now how time flies. I am now an obedience trainer and do in home training for people in Clarksville South Boston and the surrounding area and love it. I also work with people wanting to adopt dogs from the SPCA. I go and evaluate the dog for people wanting to adopt to be sure it will be going into the right home. People are harder to train than their pets so it can be challenging at times but what a rewarding job. We have Indoor and outdoor runs, heated whelping building, a puppy play area and an exercise area for the adults. We are surrounded by 117 acres of game lands around us and across the street is 30 acres of tobacco so no neighbors. Please check out the puppies pages because we are very proud of the quality of puppies. Everything that we make off of the puppies goes right back into the dogs. We sure don't do this for profit, we do it because we love it and our cattle dogs deserve the best.

       Thanks for visiting and hope to talk to you soon.

                                            Pam Phillips







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